Aumn, is the main protagonist in the series of Phantom. He is a Spirit-Wizard, with special powers comparible to that of Khufu


Aumn is generally the calm-cool and collected type, but does get angry if anyone insults his morals or friends, or Phantom itself. He does hold grudges, thus is relentless at times. Yet he also has a lot of common sense and observenty that most other members of Phantom Cult Lack.


Spirit WizardryEdit

Aumn is one of the few people capable of using spirit wizardry, and one of three revealed in the series - the others being Khufu and Khufu's Grandfather. He can become intangible passing through solid objects for a brief amount of time, the weakness to this is that he cannot pass through flesh or beams of energy, he can also shoot beams of ecto-energy from his bare hands. He also has some control over werewolf-virus-Spirit-Magic but only to a small extent of a brief partial-morph.

Super Human AbilitiesEdit

One thing truly unique about Aumn is his super human abilities, even when out of ecto energy he has shown prowess in physical abilities beyond human. He was able to out run and launch an aray of lightning-fast kicks at Nebra, pick up a bolder about the size of a car so Arthur could escape. He has also shown super-human endurance being able to not only survive the Killing-Curse Energy, but still remain conscious, and stand and even fight afterwards.