Durendal is Aumn's sword that was given to him by Khufu.


Durendal is a long silver sword with a stone hilt and a ruby sphear at the end of the hilt. the sword can absorve energy and is indestructible in battle.


It is unknown when exactly Durendal was made, but it is atleast one hundred years old according to Khufu. About eighty years prior to the story's beginning, Phantom had thirteen swords that made a team renowned for its swordsmanship, they went on the same Legendary Quest that Khufu went on and only Durendal was ever found. What happened to the other swords is unknown, Prior to the Khufu Arc the Durendal was the only of the swords in the possession of Phantom, but Khufu said that he had found a lead on where one of the swords was know. He was planning to take a small team to assist him.

Abilities & magical powersEdit

Durendal is able to withstand anny and all attacks, it was able to deflect the powers of Kyratle, and even aborb it showing some form of absorbing abilities. Khufu took the sword to be renewed so that it would have better control of the Kyratle. And Gave it to Aumn for his Ultimate Quest.


  • it is named after a sword from the book the Necromancer by Micheal Scott,
  • An earlier consept had it as Excalibur instead of Durendal.
  • originally the sword was planned to be much bigger than the design later that it became.
  • the idea for a sword that abosrbs is simular to InuYasha one of Jan Edward Szary's early inspirations.