Ellie Gardens is a sorceress of Phantom Cult, and the younger sister of Maryjane. She has the Nickname: `Ellie of the Animals` for unknown reasons. She has a pet Elephant that she rides on, and is usually holding somesort of Tortose in her hands, she also keeps a small dog that is the unnoficial `Pest Control Dog and Robent Hunter of Phantom`


Ellie is a small short girl somewhere in her teens, she has brown hair and blue eyes, and a scar under her left eye shaped like a lightning bolt. She wears jeans with a ripped hole at the knee, elbow pads, and a hooded poncho.


Ellie is a very agressive character preferring to fight first and think later, she isn`t very smart but from time to time does reveal bits and snippets of high knowledge and intelect of the animal kingdom, she at one point was even learnnnig theoretical physics, and cellular stasis before becoming ``wild.`` She is alsom ruthless showing no signs of sympathy during the Battle Against the Ultimate Enemy. However she did show concern when she battled a giant boar and took pity on it, but healing it rather than killing it.

Abilities, Magic, and PowersEdit

Physic MagicEdit

Physic Magic is said to be the polar opposite to Ghost-Magic, and Ellie is one of the few people able to do it, she comunicates telepathicly to her creatures a even send her other attributes of magic through to them.

Sword MagicEdit

Ellie can use the basics of sword magic and can turn her elephant`s tusks into sharp ended swords. She has also been seen weilding a giant sword and hurling it at larger things.


  • Following Phantom Traditions, Ellie is based off of Tarzan and George of the Jungle, her sister`s name is based off of Jane Tarzan`s wife. Also it could be based off of Mirajane from Fairytail one of the Mangaka`s Favourite Mangas.
  • According to Jan Edward Szary the Mangaka:
    • Ellie`s favourite food is the Phantom Solar Salad, and she is a vegan and hates all kinds of meat, but did once try human flesh.
    • Her favourite activity is walking with her animals, while her least favourite is human activities.
    • She has an Elephant, a Tortose, a Monkey, two Lionesses, and a Raven for pets, but only the former 2 have been shown.
    • She is Allergic to Chocolate, and once walked naked through a field of Poison Ivy.
    • She is frightened of being eaten.
    • Her biggest desire is to live in peace with her animals, and wants to stop poaching.
  • Gregor commeted her as ``The Wild Girl of Phantom``