Henry Mishatari is one of the most powerful Sorcerers in Phantom Cult. He is one of the few people alloud on the Forbidden Floor.


Henry Mishatari is based on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein though you wouldn't know it from his "Human Form" which consists of black hair reaching down his sides for sideburns, and the rest flowing back. He has blue eyes, and a square jaw, wearing an ivy-green lab coat, down up over cargo shorts, and he has an armband with a blue lightning bolt on it.


Henry is a very reclusive character, prefering his own laboritory over social interaction. However holds Khufu in high-respect and reguard, and the two seem to be friends. Henry is also very scilent not having his first speaking role until Pixie Dust Wars Arc, and not speaking again until the Khufu Arc. He is also quite observent, yet meriful as he showed mercy to Pile.


Dr. Victor Von Stomm was under heavy pressure from the Magic Alliance to re-create Ghost-Magic inside of human-test-subjects, so he injected over three hundred children with DNA from Maria Shelbolt - a legendary sorcerer and ghost-wizard from four hundred years prior to the story - including his own son Henry. Henry being the sole survivor, knowing that he would end up like the others, he tried to get revenge on his father, so he used some Lightning Magic his grandfather taught him to try to kill his father, however the plan backfired as he escaped and tried to kill his own son with a ray gun that sucked up the natural supernatural powers of the Ecto-storm and unknowingly saved his son when his son absorbed the lightning and ecto energy granting him some powers of a Ghost-Sorcerer, and merging his DNA with the DNA of Maria Shelbolt`s powers, not long after Khufu found him and took him back to Phantom.

Magic, Abilities and PowersEdit

Henry Mishatari is one of the most powerful members of Phantom, powers rivaling even those of Herakles, he is one of the few people alloud to go onto the forbidden floor, and was once asked to take a Legendary Quest, which is a large testimony to his powers.


Despite his size Henry Mishatari posses great reflexes sending shock waves from distances in deadly-reflective nature without knowing it.


Unlike the other two-hundred-and-ninty-nine children who were killed in the experiment Henry survived by absorbing the ecto and electro energies of an Ecto Storm, thus curring him of his cellular degeneration. And Granting him a mutanted version of Ghost Magic, however his is not like other Ghost Magic as he can only do certain ghost-magic sorcery. He can faze through solid objects and even people and beams, as well as shoot ecto-beams he cannot levitate and his ecto-energy seems only limited to his hands. and right eye. Also he cannot or has yet to release the Ecto-Mode powers, even when his life was in danger from the master of Pixie Dust Cult.

Lightning MagicEdit

As shown Henry is very adepth in Lightning Magic, and can also use highly complex magnetic magic. He was shown to use a high voltage of energy attacks to electricute Pile and the Pixie Dust Cult Master from a fair distance, as well as magnetize the energies that the latter was using against him.


  • He has the surname of Mishatari whilst his father`s is Van Stomm.
  • He was based on Mary Shelly`s Frankenstein:
    • His father`s name Victor is named after the creator of Frankenstein: Victor Frankenstein.
    • the Author of the Book Mary Shell is the name sake for Maria Shelbolt
    • his out-of-body experience is based on ``the Ghost of Frankenstein``
    • His overall design, including having a piece of metal for conduction (Frankenstein`s on his neck, and Henry`s his arm)
    • Both were hit by lightning (Frankenstein was brought to life by it, while Henry stablized his powers from it)
  • His Father`s name Van Stomm is rather Ironic, as it is derived from a Dutch word meaning ``of the stupid,`` and is also named after Buford Van Stomm from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Henry also shares some simularities with Magneto from X-men:
    • Both their boots are almost the same (the only difference being that Henry`s are Green with a gold trim)
    • Both have magnetic powers