Khufu, also know as "the Mummy" is a Alpha-Ranked Sorcerer, and the most powerful magician in Phantom Cult. He is the grandson of Jean, and the uncle of Maxim.


Khufu is a tall, lean man with an array of red hair, dark-skin, and notible green eyes, he wears kohl under his eyes, in every part of his body he has wrapped in Mummy-like bandages, with an egyptian kilt, and two silver gauntlets, he also wears sandals with toe-socks. He usually carries around a black bag, where he keeps a black-pharaoh's mask.


Despite being the most powerful man in Phantom, whom even the Mystic Alliance wouldn't attack head on, and strikes fear into the Ravenless Cult, Khufu is a down-to-earth character, and actually is more childish than arrogant, he is also wise, and loves kids. He loves hide-'n-seek, grounders, and other child-games, he would often take time to play with the younger members of the cult. He is also very happy, and can be a bit dim, but when it comes to his cult, family, or friends he is ready to attack and even kill the opposition.


Eight years prior to the start of the story, Khufu went on a Ultimate Quest, and was the first in the past two hundred years to actually succeed in it, a feet which shocked the Mystic Alliance sense even one hundred of their great knights couldn`t even get close to this goal. when he came back he discovered Aumn's ability and afinity of Ghost-magic, a fact which he also shared in, and taught him the basics, as well as his Ecto-Fist attack, and would assist in his training by playing kiddy games with the other kids. He was responsible for "Creating the Legend of the Phantom of Phantom" according to Gregor.


Sixtin ArcEdit

Khufu was first mention as being one of the nine people aloud on the ``forbidden floor`` by his grandmother.

Khufu ArcEdit

Khufu finally made his debute six arcs after being first hinted at, as he finally returned from one of the Nine Legendary Quests! An even greater feet than accomplishing an Ultimate Quest. Jean said that even though he didn`t actually complete the quest, he is the first ever person to come back alive from the quest. The Rest of this arc is flashbacks of when he first met Aumn and taught him Ghost Magic.

NegSol Island ArcEdit

Khufu agreed to teach Aumn who to use his mummy techneque if he could accomplish an Ultimate Quest. To which Aumn Agreed, Jean whom herd this let Aumn go on the Ultimate Quest because she trusted her grandson. Khufu than handed Aumn the NegSol island map and quest data on to his PhantomDex. However Khufu wanted to equip Aumn with neccessary intell before sending him to his death wish. After discovering what his grandmother had done, he takes full responnsibiity, and claims that he would stay behind for some backup only if necessary. He than rushes off after Aumn.

Abilities, Magic, and PowersEdit


Khufu is one of the few people and one of the three in the hole series to have Ghost-Magic. He is capable enought to teach it to annother, aka Aumn. He can use the basics such as ecto blasts, and was knowledgible on the subject of werewolfs enough to tame on, as well as knowledible on the Werewolf Virus, and is to teach Aumn to control it, he also developed an all powerful technique called ``Mummy``


As stated above Khufu can use the unique technique of his own creation. Mummy somehow makes his body dissappear and makes it all in a shell for a head, in this form he is nearly unneffect by any injury period, he can also survive for air for long periods of time. His powers are so great that he can strike fear by simple transforming into his mummy form to frighten werewolves.


Khufu can use a concentrated arrary of beams made of ecto energy, his control is far beyond that of Zatter's Fire blasts or Aumn's Ecto Blasts, being able to use multiple blasts at once.