The Legendary Quests are most horribly-frightening quests one can venture towards. The Fact that Khufu Is the only person to ever seceed in coming back alive in eons is a testimony to how terrifyingly difficult the Legendary Quests are. In total their are Nine of these Legendary Quests, the quests are kept hidden away in a secret room on the Forbidden Floor.


It is unknown for how long the legendary quests have been around, only that they have been for eons. According to the Mystic Alliance: Sorcerers like: "Nervin of Na'ar" "Jonah of Klar" and "Kuruk Ursus: the Bear of Phantom" couldnn't do it. Khufu said that "this quest involved going against all odds, fighting yourself, nature, and magic itself." Jean herself said that she couldn't come back from one, indacating that she atleast has some knowledge of what is out on a Legendary Quest.

The Mission of the KnightsEdit

Thirty Years prior to the start of the series, a group of over two hundred knights -the knights of romsta- embarked on a Legendary Quest. The Knights had a fierce Reputation for being the greatest the Mystic Alliance has ever seen. The Knights were made up of the strongest sorcerers the Mystic Alliance could find for one goal - to show the world the power of the Knights. The Mystic Alliance than got the idea to send the knights on a Legendary Quest, they were monitored with state-of-the-art contact-spells, but the Mystic Alliance lost all trace of them less than two days into the quest. The media got ahold of this information, and sent it out and made the Water-Ways Star famous.

The Swordsmen of PhantomEdit

Eighty years prior to the start of the series Phantom Cult had a group of Thirteen Sorcerers called the Swordsmen of Phantom, they each carried a powerful blade. They also went on a legendary Quest, Khufu said that he found traces of them about a year into the quest indacating that they made it farther than the Knights of Romsta Before them


The very mention of Legendary Quests seems to put the Mystic Alliance in a frightening mood. the very Reputation of the Quests are known throughout the world as the most horrifying things imaginible.

The QuestsEdit

According to Jean the Quest that Khufu embarked on is called the Doom-Moon Quest, and it happens in a place known only as Lolubona. The Other Eight Quests havve yet to be named.