The Mystic Alliance is a government organization controlled by ten courtsmen, followed by the kings of over two hundred kingdoms. to most they seem to be a noble organization that keeps peace and prosperity, however this is untrue and unknown to most citizens and world leaders is that this organization is made from pernoia and a dominating task of destruction and domination. They have many plans to take over the world that isn't allied with them. Mostly through deciet and deadly or almost ileagle means. Some Cults like Phantom and possibly Pixie Dust had/has a spy or two within the Alliance to keep tabs on them. Some Cults like Phantom that isn't allied with them are hated and are only kept or reasons of power or reputation. The Alliance also fears the power of Ghost Sorcerers to the point that they release propaganda about them.

Power & InfluenceEdit

The Mystic Alliance uses its powerful force, reputation and money to get what they want when they want it. They have power over more than two hundred countries.


One of the Mystic Alliance's biggest fears is loosing its power and influence. To keep this they often use propaganda and false idealism to keep the people in check. One of their biggest fears is Khufu the most powerful Sorcerer is Phantom, Khufu is one of the reasons that the Alliance doesn't mess with Phantom very much. Their fear of Khufu ranges from the fact that Khufu has outsed their knights several times, including surviving a Legendary Quest and seceeding in an Ultimate Quest.


While not covered yet the Mystic Alliance does seem to have several devisions to diverse and better control its power. Khufu stated that Ravenless might be a division to keep an eye on the Dark Cults.


Recently the Mystic Alliance has placed spies in school for a 'Mind-Molding' process to make the children believe that the Mystic Alliance is the greatest thing sense sliced bread. Also for some of their knew weapons they are creating they are destroying the lands, to create factories and cities. The Enviromental Protection Laws, are the only thing that stop the Mystic Alliance from destroying the lands.

Culture & ThemeEdit

It appears that the Mystic Alliance has multipul themes, the main theme seems to be a religious one, with the main headquarters decorated with crosses.

The Naval Devision however seems to have a more greek theme. Whether or not all devisions have different themes has yet to be seen.