Nebra, was the main antagonist in the Dakt Desert Arc, He is was killed when a tree branch fell, via Ellie Gardens cutting it.


Nebra was a leader of Ravenless eighteenth devision, a fact he took into pride, and tried to get others to envy him. He is extremely arrogent underestimating his enemies, and over estimating his allies. He was a very foul-mouthed character, having a strang habit of ending his sentaces with swearwords, and was apparently shameless walking complete naked in to inhospitible enviroments, something which he is apparently admired for.

Abilities, Magic and PowersEdit

Metal MagicEdit

Nebra has several transplants in his body as a result of Ravenless DNA experimentations, allowing concer all amounts of metal, even creating it, so by making precious metals he was able to assist in fiancial and metalic supply needs for Ravenless. He developed a technique to code his enemieses in metal at a DNA level, killing them with ease. However he needs a large amount of focus on one attack, and it required both hands, so this left him vulnerable to attacks when he was attacking himself.


(With several of his men) versus Royal Dakt Devision 5 Template:Won

Versus Finial of Fin Template:Won

Versus Royal Knights Devision X: Amazon Template:Won

Versus Royal Knights Devision Y: Kakdon Template:Won

Versus Several unnamed lycanthropians Template:Won

Versus William Auberon Template:Lost

Versus Aumn Template:Lost

Versus Ellie Gardens, and her pets Template:Lost, killed


  • Nebra battled three members of Phantom and lost to each one, but won every other battle he took part in.
  • Nebra is named after the 4kids version of One Piece where Cobra's name was replaced with Nebra.
  • Nebra was killed by a tree falling on top of him is the same way Gorl was killed in Deltora Quest, Gorl was kill when Jasmine asked the tree to loos a lim. Both Jasmine and Ellie are wild girls with strang pets.
  • A running gag was he sneezed when ever a bird was around, leading him to killing them, only Harpier escaped thanks to Aumn's timely intervention


  • The Dakt Desert arc of Phantomcult.