Scorpio, is one of the lost Constellional Warriors, who were once a part of the Mystic Alliance (eight hundred years prior to the story) Knights. Scorpio was locked away in t, he desert until he was awakened by Jane became her first guardian spirit.


According the Scorpio he looks different from the other Constellational Warriors. This has yet to be seen as he is the only warrior awake. He is nude except for a hicker`s backpack and a sash where he used to keep some sort of weapon, what that weapon was is currently unknown. He is a white skinned man with wild black hair, however only his stomach upwards is human the lower parts ia a scorpian from neck downwards, and a white strip on his tail. He also wears purple with a red trim armpads, and has two tattoes, one of a scorpian on his left, and of the word phantom on his right. He has a gash across his left cheek that is purple, and glows. His eyes are black in human form, but in beast form they are glowing purple.


Scorpio seems to be a very protective character, and often ends people``s name with `-ateer` and refers to himself in the third person and insists on being called ``Scorpio-kun`` by his enemies and just Scorpio by his allies.

Abilities, Magic and powersEdit

Poison MagicEdit

Scorpio is capable of not only using poison effectively in battle, but is also uneffected by poison, and can get stronger by sucking it up, he can also cure poison, also his Master (the human who holds his key and gauntlet) are also uneffected by poison. With his tail recently restored he can now also mix his poison magic with sand magic to create purple sand. He also produces several poisons naturally. One can temperally `kill` a person`s magic for a total of fifteen days.

Sand MagicEdit

Scorpio can use sand magic to cause powerful sand storms, and can create sand from rock or earth. He has also reccently regained the ability to fuse the sand and poison magic to create purple sand.


With the restoration of his tail he can now transform into a giant scorpian with glowing purple eyes, that just staring into them can cause eye-poison. The Drawback to this mode is that scorpio is uunnable to use sand magic, and use his ``human`` powers.


Scorpio also stated that he can now morph into a full human mode, he has yet to do so.


  • His lost weapon ``Antares`` is also the name of the brightest star in the constellation: Scorpio, also it is the sixteenth brightest star in the night sky.