Eighty years prior to the story the Ravenless cult captured and dicected several werewolves and ghost sorcerers in order to control them. the Experiments went horribly wrong, and instead turned humans into a form of werewolves, while not as capable in powers as real werewolves, and not as intangible as ghost sorcerers, the Werewolf Virus is still a force to be reconized with. Yet the Mystic Alliance seems to pay little to any interest to it, and doesn't believe in it. The Virus later became known as Lycantrhopia or the Werewolf Virus.


Simular to the werewolves of lore the Lycanthropia slowly and painfully transforms the victem(s) into werewolf-like creatures that seem to be purely instinctive. However control is not totally impossible as Aumn was able to stay conscious, however he was a real ghost sorcerer. While the transformation is slow (taking a tatal of twenty-nine days to completely transform) it is still deadly. Also the victems have one major weakness if their tales are removed than they revert back to normal with no memory of what has transpired. However after another Twenty-Nine days the tales will grow back. INfected people must have their tales removed every full moon.

Known VictemsEdit

  • Several unnamed Ravenless workmen, and scientists and sorcerers.
  • Doran the White


  • While the werewolves in the wild seem to be based more on the beast of bray road cryptid, the virus Lycanthropia is based on the werewolves of lore, but don't resemble them as much as the werewolves in the wild.
    • Infact the removing the tale bit was from the seiyan race from DragonBall.
  • Lycantrhopia was one of the Mangaka's first ideas, he was actually thinking of it while watching a rerun of DragonBall Z.
  • It was confirmed that Khufu will help Aumn to control the Lycantrhopia.
  • Doran the White is able to stay conscious while in his werewolf form, how he is able to do so is unknown as he is not a ghost wizard like Aumn.
  • Ravenless seems to have found away to control some Lycantrhopians with the use of cruel collars that cause them harm.