William Auberon is an Alpha-Ranked Sorcerer, and one of the few people aloud on the forbidden floor.


William Auberon is a fair skinned tall man with black hair, and a beard. He wears a traditional English outfit and boots, and is seen with a large book with the word: "Magik" written on it.


Will is a very poetic person, preferring to talk things out rather than fight, but when action demands it, he is ready to quickly end the fight. He has a habbit of quoting obsure writters from the real world, and often does actions that are references of famous plays, particually William Shakespeare.


Traditionally members of Phantom Cult are given a tragic backstory, Wiliam's has yet to be revealed.It may involve his children: Midnight and Jessie.


Harbor Shark ArcEdit

William first makes his debute in the Harber Shark Arc, with Henry Mishatari and Link Washingtom. The trio watch from the thirteenth floor (apparently uneffected by the Spelling spell) as Aumn and Manny battle the shark nabbers. the tree get into an argument about whether or not to help the shark, Henry Mishatari and William Auberon agree while Link says that it is just an animal. William and Henry free the shark while Aumn defeats the poachers.

Opal Mines ArcEdit

William makes a brief explanation about the Opal mines at the beginning and celebrates Aumn, Jessie and Midnight's return. (probally because Jessie and Midnight are his children)

Sixten ArcEdit

He is mentioned breifly by Jean about one of the only members aloud on the Forbidden Floor. And that he is on a mission with Henry Mishatari in a place called Negsol. They come back apparently having

failed the mission.

Magic, powers, and abilitiesEdit

Most of his magical powers are unknown at this time, though it is safe to assume he is a very powerful sorcerer sense he is aloud on the Forbidden Floor.

Fire MagicEdit

William Auberon is a very skilled fire sorcerer being able to defeat Nebra with little to seemingly no effort, he was powerful enough to only use fire magic on an entire Platoon of Lycanthropians.


Versus Nebra Template:Won

Versus Henry Mishatari (several times) Template:Unseen

Versus Khufu Template:Lost

Versus Jean (several times) Template:Lost


  • Following the tradition of the Alpha Ranked Sorcerers, William Auberon has a cultural theme, in this case English.
  • His surname Auberon is a reference to William Shakespheare's play where Auberon (also called Oberon) was king of the faries. His first name is also a reference to WIlliam Shakespheare himself.