Zatter was a rogue fire sorcerer who was once part of the Ravenless Cult, and assisted in the hostile takeover of the cult.


Zatter is an extremely tall man towering over biangs, he wears an european suit, has blond hair, and blue eyes.


Zatter is a very vengeful character seeking to kill Aumn just for stealing some bread from himself, he shows no sign of caution even when facing Khufu, he is very arrogent, and dense even a little cloud-headed imagining victory and than having a victory dance before the fight has even begun, he also speaks his mind and even said what he was gonig to do.


Eight Yearss prior to the start of the story Zatter was attempting to poach the legendary Apen, an attempt which failed greatly, do to interference of Khufu and Aumn.


Khufu ArcEdit

Zatter angry that some kid had taken some bread he was going to use to poach the Apen, went berserk and tried to kill him on sight, but Khufu INterviened. Khufu interviened later and killed Zatter for trying to poach the Apen, and Luno.


  • HHis appearence is simular to that of Jerry of the CP6 from One Piece.
  • Aumn's original name was supposed to be Zatter, but it was changed to match the beauty of Autumn, according to the Mangaka.